In addition to the complimentary preparatory program and in order to be completely prepared for a spaceflight, you can participate in a number of optional Training Missions.


XCOR Space Expeditions will teach you all you need to know before you go into outer space. Our professional instructors have developed an enjoyable and tailor-made training package to ensure you come fully prepared for your space expedition. This training will take place one day before your actual commercial spaceflight.

The XCOR Training Center offers 3 types of training missions: Simulator, G-force Flights & Zero-G Flights.

The Desdemona (DESorientationDEMONstrator Amst) simulator is a state-of-the-art simulator and unique in its kind. Built by the Austrian company AMST and TNO, it is located in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. Desdemona is the first simulator that is both full-motion and capable of generating all possible G-forces up to 3.3G. In the cockpit, an advanced high-resolution video simulation gives the astronaut a view of almost 180 degrees wide. No simulator anywhere in the world can generate the high performance simulation you will experience in Desdemona. 

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The G-Force Flight in the Aerobatic Slingsby T-67M 200 ‘Firefly’ or the SIAI Marchetti Sf- 260 Trainer  is specifically designated for XCOR. Together with our partner APS Europe in the Netherlands and Aircombat USA in the US, we have fine-tuned a 45 minutes aerobatic flight by which you will learn to master the positive and negative G forces.

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The L-39 Albatros is a single engine, tandem seat jet trainer. This high performance jet is ideally suited to prepare for space flight in the Lynx Mark II. You will fly in the back seat, behind our professional instructor pilot, and gain valuable experience flying in a high performance aircraft, wearing a helmet and dealing with varying G-levels. We train for the most important stages of your space flight.

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Experience weightlessness. Zero-G -or parabolic- flights are conducted on a specially equipped aircraft, to simulate zero-G. You will be weightless for about 20 seconds during a special maneuver called a parabola. These can be repeated 20-30 times per flight. During these short periods of weightlessness, you will experience the same sensations that astronauts feel in space. You will be able to float freely through the cabin and may train to perform various tasks in weightless conditions.

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