Mojave, California, June 16th, 2015—XCOR Aerospace and XCOR Space Expeditions announced today that XCOR has hosted its first XCOR Lynx customer day—dubbed “Operation Hangar 61.”

Directed by XCOR Space Expeditions, the experience included 41 guests from 14 countries and 5 continents visiting XCOR in Mojave and attending XCOR events in Los Angeles, including a tour of the California Science Center and Griffith Observatory.

Lynx customers, also known as “space flight participants,” made their way to XCOR Aerospace’s Hangar 61 on their first group pilgrimage to experience the Lynx spacecraft up close. At the event, customers connected with engineers, witnessed Lynx assembly, met XCOR’s new Chief Executive Officer and engaged with XCOR test pilots. The experience also included optional aerobatic training at Air Combat USA in Fullerton, California.

Kicking off the Hangar 61 tour, XCOR Chief Executive Officer Jay Gibson noted what moved him most about the experience: “We are honored that our customers took the time for the journey to the heart of XCOR. For me, it is about seeing how XCOR transforms engineering into an unmatched experience. Our participants are the reason we exist: to not only be exceptional in Lynx design and engineering, but also to make the dreams of each and every person who flies to space onboard Lynx real in the process.”

XCOR Chief Test Pilot and former NASA Shuttle Commander Rick Searfoss noted “while travel to space is life-changing, it is great to get inspired here on the ground. A key metric is the one you can’t measure: the joy it gives back to customers.”