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Previous Flight Projects

Before developing the Lynx suborbital vehicle, XCOR built and flew two manned rocket powered test aircraft, the EZ-Rocket and the X-Racer with a total of 66 manned, rocket powered flights between the two craft.

XCOR EZ-Rocket

The EZ Rocket

The EZ-Rocket was a manned technology demonstrator for XCOR's future flight vehicles and spacecraft. During its 26 flights piloted by world famous aviator Dick Rutan, it set one official record and several unofficial records for rocket powered airplanes.   It has also performed at two major airshows (EAA Airventure and the X-Prize Cup) in front of large public audiences with full FAA approval.  The EZ-Rocket and her engines were developed from paper to flight in 9 months.  For more information please visit our EZ-Rocket page.

XCOR X-Racer

The Rocket Racer

XCOR's second manned rocket vehicle was the XCOR X-Racer, a higher performance plane that was the first to utilize XCOR's unique rocket piston pump technology.  Piloted by former NASA astronaut and XCOR chief test pilot Richard Searfoss, the X-Racer flew at EAA AirVenture three times and in Mojave 37 times for a total of 40 rocket powered flights.  Visit the X-Racer page to learn more about this unique aircraft.

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