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Products Overview

XCOR develops rocket-propelled vehicles, rocket propulsion systems, and propulsion components to customer order.  XCOR provides operationally effective, reliable, low maintenance rocket propulsion systems and flight vehicles.

We design, manufacture, test and maintain components, complete systems and vehicles from end-to-end as well as provide project management services.  Whether it is a complete system, or a specific sub-system or part, XCOR is able to work with the customer to deliver practical solutions within a budget constraint to suit our customers' needs.

Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft

The Lynx
 XCOR's fully reusable suborbital spacecraft.
Your Mission, Our Ship.

Rocket Engines

Rocket Engines
XCOR designs, manufactures and tests liquid fueled rocket engines built to customer requirement.

Rocket Piston Pump

Rocket Propellant Piston Pumps
XCOR's rocket propellant pumps provide a more reliable, cost effective alternative to turbopumps.

cryo compatible composites

XCOR's cryo-compatible composite solution for lightweight and fuselage-integral oxidizer tanks.

Custom and modified valves

Custom and Modified Valves
Custom flight weight valves and actuators for rocket propulsion systems.

XCOR X-Racer

Previous Flight Projects
XCOR's previous manned rocket powered aircraft, the EZ-Rocket and the X-Racer.

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