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June 17, 2015 Kit Sheffield Joins XCOR Space Expeditions as Director of US Sales
June 09, 2015 XCOR Selects Matrix Composites to Develop Lynx Chines
May 08, 2015 XCOR Announces Strakes Bonded to Lynx Mark I Spacecraft
March 16, 2015 XCOR Aerospace Announces Jay Gibson as New Chief Executive Officer
December 18, 2014 In Pictures:  XCOR announces Continued Significant Progress on XCOR Lynx Spacecraft
December 11, 2014 XCOR Presents New Platforms for Suborbital Science at AGU
November 24, 2014 Science takes off as XCOR Lynx lands at American Geophysical Union’s 2014 Fall Meeting
November 20, 2014 XCOR Aerospace Announces Latest Milestone in ULA Program
October 07, 2014 XCOR Lynx Spacecraft Development in Pictures
September 17, 2014 Midland International Airport Receives Historic Federal Aviation Administration Spaceport License Approval
August 15, 2014 XCOR Aerospace Breaking Down Walls with Midland - One Step Closer to Space
August 13, 2014 XCOR Lynx Spacecraft Lands at Monterey Jet Center
June 30, 2014 XCOR Acquires Space Expedition Corporation
May 27, 2014: CFIUS Approval Clears XCOR Aerospace’s First Close of Series B Financing
April 21, 2014:

Actor John Corbett and XCOR Aerospace Garner Nearly Quarter Million Dollars at Celebrity Fight Night, Proceeds to Benefit Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

April 09, 2014: XCOR Aerospace Receives Lynx Mark I Cockpit
April 03, 2014: XCOR Aerospace Announces Brian Binnie as Newest Test Pilot
November 21, 2013: Czech Space Office and XCOR Aerospace sign payload integrator agreement for suborbital flights
November 19, 2013: Hot Fire: XCOR Aerospace and United Launch Alliance Achieve Major Propulsion Milestone in Liquid Hydrogen Engine Program
September 23, 2013: XCOR Aerospace and United Launch Alliance Announce Important Milestone in Liquid Hydrogen Engine Program
May 21, 2013: XCOR Announces Exclusive Offer on All Lynx Payload Flights for 2013 Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference Participants
April 29, 2013: XCOR Congratulates Virgin Galactic on First Powered Flight of SpaceShipTwo
April 18, 2013:
Japanese Screen Star Koichi Iwaki to Fly On the XCOR Lynx
March 26, 2013:
XCOR Aerospace Announces Significant Propulsion Milestone on Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
February 14. 2013:
XCOR Advances Business Development Team
January 11. 2013:
Unilever Buys 22 Flights on XCOR's Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft for AXE Campaign
November 14, 2012:
XCOR Announces ATK as Lynx Mark I Wing Detailed Design / Build Contractor
September 25, 2012:
Bryan Campen Joins XCOR as Director of Media and Public Relations
September 11, 2012:
XCOR Announces FiberDyne as Lynx Mark I Wing Strake Manufacturer
September 06, 2012:
Hand-in-Glove: Lynx/Atsa Armrest Camera a Perfect Fit
August 28, 2012:
XCOR Announces AdamWorks as Lynx Mark I Cockpit Manufacturer
August 23, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace to Establish Operations and Manufacturing Base in Florida
July 24, 2012:
XCOR Releases Payload User's Guide for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
July 13, 2012:
Warner Brothers Television Gives One Lucky Fan a Trip to Space on XCOR's Lynx
July 09, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace and Midland Development Corporation Announce Establishment of XCOR's New Commercial Spaceflight R&D Center and Headquarters
June 20, 2012:
XCOR and Excalibur Almaz sign MOU for suborbital training services
June 07, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace Announces Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) As General Sales Agent For Space Tourism Flights
May 24, 2012:

Liquid Oxygen Piston Pump ready for Reusable Space Flight

May 16, 2012:

XCOR Aerospace Announces Lynx Suborbital Flight Winner

May 03, 2012:

XCOR Aerospace Hits Route 66 with Experimental Motorcycle

February 27, 2012:

XCOR Announces New Lynx Vehicle Payload Integrators at NSRC-2012

February 27, 2012:

XCOR closes $5 Million Round of Investment Capital

January 30, 2012:

Final Call to Register and Win Suborbital Research Flight at Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC-2012)


November 15, 2011:

Suborbital Research Flight Giveaway Announced by XCOR Aerospace & Southwest Research Institute for Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC)-2012

Septeber 09, 2011:

XCOR Aerospace and Space Expedition Curaçao sign eight-figure wet lease contract for Lynx suborbital spacecraft

August 12, 2011:

NASA Selects XCOR to Participate in $10 Million Suborbital Flight Contract

July 12, 2011:

Planetary Science Institute Selects XCOR to Fly Atsa Suborbital Observatory

March 22, 2011:

XCOR and ULA demonstrate revolutionary rocket nozzle; sign LH2 engine contract

February 28, 2011:

XCOR announces global network of Payload Integrators for Lynx

February 24, 2011:

Southwest Research Institute and XCOR Sign Suborbital Science Flight Contract

November 17, 2010:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Announces Suborbital Flight Relationship with SXC

October 05, 2010:

Space Experience Curaçao Announces Wet Lease of Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft

September 30, 2010:
XCOR Applauds Congressional Passage of NASA Authorization Bill
September 20, 2010:
XCOR Completes Supersonic Wind Tunnel Tests at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
June 08, 2010:

ULA and XCOR Announce Successful Hydrogen Piston Pump Tests

May 25, 2010:
XCOR and Masten Announce Strategic Relatonship for NASA Landers Program
March 16, 2010:
Airgas and XCOR Aerospace Announce Supply and Sponsorship Agreements
December17, 2009:

South Korean Space Center Selects XCOR's Lynx for Suborbital Operations

September 02, 2009:

XCOR Announces Significant Milestones on 5K18 "Lynx" Rocket Engine Program

July 24, 2009:
XCOR Aerospace Tests Lynx Aerodynamic Design in USAF Wind Tunnel
June 02, 2009:
XCOR CEO Jeff Greason named to White House panel to review NASA programs
February 21 , 2009:
Tuskegee Airman awarded first XCOR "Legacy" Suborbital Flight Ticket
December 17 , 2008:
XCOR Completes First Successful Test of Engine for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
December 02 , 2008:
RocketShip Tours to sell rides to edge of space on XCOR Lynx
October 06, 2008:
XCOR flights help Mojave log over half of this century's manned rocket flights
September 09, 2008:
Former Banker Andrew Nelson Joins XCOR as Chief Operating Officer
August 20, 2008:
Desert Sky Holdings Makes First Institutional Investment in XCOR
March 26, 2008:
XCOR Aerospace Suborbital Vehicle 'Lynx' to Fly Within Two Years
December 12, 2007:
ATK and XCOR successfully complete test series for NASA's LOX / Methane Engine
December 12, 2007:
XCOR Completes First Tests of New 3E17 Rocket Engine
August 23, 2007:
XCOR rockets onto Inc.'s "500 Fastest Growing Companies”
June 07, 2007:
Boston Harbor Angels Invests in XCOR Aerospace
April 11 , 2007:

Air Force Awards RLV Design Contract to XCOR Aerospace

January 16, 2007:
XCOR Aerospace Begins Test Firing of Methane Rocket Engine
October 20, 2006:
XCOR Reaches Testing Milestone for Rocket Racing League
August 02, 2006:
Rocket Racing League Makes Great Strides
May 09, 2006:
XCOR Aerospace Teams with ATK on Methane Rocket Engine for CEV
May 11, 2006:
XCOR Announces Steam Engine Prize Winner
May 01, 2006:
Dick Rutan and EZ-Rocket Honored at National Aeronautic Association's
'Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2005'
April 6, 2006:
XCOR Aerospace Develops New Composite Material
Feb 21, 2006:
XCOR Teams with Silicon Graphics and Metacomp for Next Generation
Space Vehicle Design
January 18, 2006:

XCOR Completes Methane Engine Pulse Fire Tests:
Milestone for RCS Applications

October 3, 2005:
XCOR to build Rocket Racing Vehicles for Rocket Racing League
Aug 30, 2005:
XCOR Aerospace Completes Successful Development of Methane Rocket Engine
Aug 18, 2005:
XCOR To Fly EZ Rocket at X PRIZE CUP Countdown in Las Cruces, NM
May 18, 2005:
XCOR Granted HUBZone Certification by Small Business Administration
April 11, 2005:
XCOR Aerospace Wins $7mil NASA Contract to Develop Cryo LOX tank
April 11, 2005:
XCOR and Beyond Earth Enterprises Announce Agreement to Produce Space Vehicles
November 4, 2004:
XCOR announces $11,000 prize for steam/gas engine
October 21, 2004:
XCOR Completes DARPA Contract - Cryo Liquid Oxygen Pump a Success
April 23, 2004:
XCOR Aerospace receives launch license from FAA AST
March 23, 2004:
XCOR CEO to Testify Before Presidential Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond (Full testimony here)
February 06, 2004:
House Science Committee passes Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004


December 22, 2003
Text of Jeff Greason's speech at the AvWeek "Century of Flight" event
December 5, 2003:
XCOR logs 2,000th rocket engine firing
Nov 10, 2003:
XCOR First "Sufficiently Complete" RLV Launch License Application
Oct 17, 2003:
Space Coalition Urges Swift Passage of Commercial Space Act of 2003
Sept 26, 2003:
XCOR Passes Major Milestone on DARPA Piston Pump Contract
July 16th, 2003:
Rocket Industry Leaders look to Congress to solve FAA regulatory jam
May 22nd, 2003:
Former Astronaut Richard Searfoss Joins XCOR Board of Directors
April 16th, 2003:
XCOR Secures $187,500 Equity Investment from DoD Matching Program
March 31st, 2003:
XCOR Sucessfully Tests New 1800 lb-thrust LOX/Kerosene Engine


Nov 13th, 2002:
Scientific American, Popular Science and Esquire honor XCOR
October 29, 2002:
EZ-Rocket featured at Edwards AFB Open House and Air Show
August 7th, 2002:
AirVenture 2002 Trip Report
July 22nd, 2002:
XCOR and Space Adventures announce new sub-orbital spacecraft
July 11th, 2002:
Another XCOR milestone for EZ-Rocket - two flights in one day
June 27th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Flight Eleven - Safe Abort Demonstrated
June 25th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Performs Touch-and-go under rocket power
June 10, 2002:
EZ-Rocket to appear at Oshkosh, Sponsorship Available
April 27th, 2002:
XCOR Announces New Rocket Engine Piston Pump Design
April 23rd, 2002:
XCOR Aerospace Acquires Rotary Rocket Assets
Mar 26th, 2002:
XCOR to present at Space Access 2002
Feb 01, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Attempts Touch-and-Go Landing
Jan 23rd, 2002:
XCOR EZ-Rocket Tests In-Flight Engine Ignition
Jan 10th, 2002:
XCOR EZ-Rocket Begins 2002 Test Program
Jan 10th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket flies high on CNN -
Streaming Video, Text Story and Additional Transcript


Nov 12th, 2001:
EZ-Rocket Roll Out and Demonstration Flight a Big Success!
Nov 9th, 2001:
Successful Flight Test - EZ-Rocket Test Program Continues
October 3rd, 2001:
First phase of flight test program completed - XCOR ushers in the dawn of civilian rocket-powered aviation
July 24th, 2001:
XCOR Aerospace begins manned flight testing of EZ-Rocket

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1999 - 2000:
Archived XCOR mini-release page, early company history

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