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September 17, 2014 Midland International Airport Receives Historic Federal Aviation Administration Spaceport License Approval
August 15, 2014 XCOR Aerospace Breaking Down Walls with Midland - One Step Closer to Space
August 13, 2014 XCOR Lynx Spacecraft Lands at Monterey Jet Center
May 27, 2014: CFIUS Approval Clears XCOR Aerospace’s First Close of Series B Financing
April 21, 2014:

Actor John Corbett and XCOR Aerospace Garner Nearly Quarter Million Dollars at Celebrity Fight Night, Proceeds to Benefit Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

April 09, 2014: XCOR Aerospace Receives Lynx Mark I Cockpit
April 03, 2014: XCOR Aerospace Announces Brian Binnie as Newest Test Pilot
November 21, 2013: Czech Space Office and XCOR Aerospace sign payload integrator agreement for suborbital flights
November 19, 2013: Hot Fire: XCOR Aerospace and United Launch Alliance Achieve Major Propulsion Milestone in Liquid Hydrogen Engine Program
September 23, 2013: XCOR Aerospace and United Launch Alliance Announce Important Milestone in Liquid Hydrogen Engine Program
May 21, 2013: XCOR Announces Exclusive Offer on All Lynx Payload Flights for 2013 Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference Participants
April 29, 2013: XCOR Congratulates Virgin Galactic on First Powered Flight of SpaceShipTwo
April 18, 2013:
Japanese Screen Star Koichi Iwaki to Fly On the XCOR Lynx
March 26, 2013:
XCOR Aerospace Announces Significant Propulsion Milestone on Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
February 14. 2013:
XCOR Advances Business Development Team
January 11. 2013:
Unilever Buys 22 Flights on XCOR's Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft for AXE Campaign
November 14, 2012:
XCOR Announces ATK as Lynx Mark I Wing Detailed Design / Build Contractor
September 25, 2012:
Bryan Campen Joins XCOR as Director of Media and Public Relations
September 11, 2012:
XCOR Announces FiberDyne as Lynx Mark I Wing Strake Manufacturer
September 06, 2012:
Hand-in-Glove: Lynx/Atsa Armrest Camera a Perfect Fit
August 28, 2012:
XCOR Announces AdamWorks as Lynx Mark I Cockpit Manufacturer
August 23, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace to Establish Operations and Manufacturing Base in Florida
July 24, 2012:
XCOR Releases Payload User's Guide for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
July 13, 2012:
Warner Brothers Television Gives One Lucky Fan a Trip to Space on XCOR's Lynx
July 09, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace and Midland Development Corporation Announce Establishment of XCOR's New Commercial Spaceflight R&D Center and Headquarters
June 20, 2012:
XCOR and Excalibur Almaz sign MOU for suborbital training services
June 07, 2012:
XCOR Aerospace Announces Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) As General Sales Agent For Space Tourism Flights
May 24, 2012:

Liquid Oxygen Piston Pump ready for Reusable Space Flight

May 16, 2012:

XCOR Aerospace Announces Lynx Suborbital Flight Winner

May 03, 2012:

XCOR Aerospace Hits Route 66 with Experimental Motorcycle

February 27, 2012:

XCOR Announces New Lynx Vehicle Payload Integrators at NSRC-2012

February 27, 2012:

XCOR closes $5 Million Round of Investment Capital

January 30, 2012:

Final Call to Register and Win Suborbital Research Flight at Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC-2012)


November 15, 2011:

Suborbital Research Flight Giveaway Announced by XCOR Aerospace & Southwest Research Institute for Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC)-2012

Septeber 09, 2011:

XCOR Aerospace and Space Expedition Curaçao sign eight-figure wet lease contract for Lynx suborbital spacecraft

August 12, 2011:

NASA Selects XCOR to Participate in $10 Million Suborbital Flight Contract

July 12, 2011:

Planetary Science Institute Selects XCOR to Fly Atsa Suborbital Observatory

March 22, 2011:

XCOR and ULA demonstrate revolutionary rocket nozzle; sign LH2 engine contract

February 28, 2011:

XCOR announces global network of Payload Integrators for Lynx

February 24, 2011:

Southwest Research Institute and XCOR Sign Suborbital Science Flight Contract

November 17, 2010:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Announces Suborbital Flight Relationship with SXC

October 05, 2010:

Space Experience Curaçao Announces Wet Lease of Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft

September 30, 2010:
XCOR Applauds Congressional Passage of NASA Authorization Bill
September 20, 2010:
XCOR Completes Supersonic Wind Tunnel Tests at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
June 08, 2010:

ULA and XCOR Announce Successful Hydrogen Piston Pump Tests

May 25, 2010:
XCOR and Masten Announce Strategic Relatonship for NASA Landers Program
March 16, 2010:
Airgas and XCOR Aerospace Announce Supply and Sponsorship Agreements
December17, 2009:

South Korean Space Center Selects XCOR's Lynx for Suborbital Operations

September 02, 2009:

XCOR Announces Significant Milestones on 5K18 "Lynx" Rocket Engine Program

July 24, 2009:
XCOR Aerospace Tests Lynx Aerodynamic Design in USAF Wind Tunnel
June 02, 2009:
XCOR CEO Jeff Greason named to White House panel to review NASA programs
February 21 , 2009:
Tuskegee Airman awarded first XCOR "Legacy" Suborbital Flight Ticket
December 17 , 2008:
XCOR Completes First Successful Test of Engine for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
December 02 , 2008:
RocketShip Tours to sell rides to edge of space on XCOR Lynx
October 06, 2008:
XCOR flights help Mojave log over half of this century's manned rocket flights
September 09, 2008:
Former Banker Andrew Nelson Joins XCOR as Chief Operating Officer
August 20, 2008:
Desert Sky Holdings Makes First Institutional Investment in XCOR
March 26, 2008:
XCOR Aerospace Suborbital Vehicle 'Lynx' to Fly Within Two Years
December 12, 2007:
ATK and XCOR successfully complete test series for NASA's LOX / Methane Engine
December 12, 2007:
XCOR Completes First Tests of New 3E17 Rocket Engine
August 23, 2007:
XCOR rockets onto Inc.'s "500 Fastest Growing Companies”
June 07, 2007:
Boston Harbor Angels Invests in XCOR Aerospace
April 11 , 2007:

Air Force Awards RLV Design Contract to XCOR Aerospace

January 16, 2007:
XCOR Aerospace Begins Test Firing of Methane Rocket Engine
October 20, 2006:
XCOR Reaches Testing Milestone for Rocket Racing League
August 02, 2006:
Rocket Racing League Makes Great Strides
May 09, 2006:
XCOR Aerospace Teams with ATK on Methane Rocket Engine for CEV
May 11, 2006:
XCOR Announces Steam Engine Prize Winner
May 01, 2006:
Dick Rutan and EZ-Rocket Honored at National Aeronautic Association's
'Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2005'
April 6, 2006:
XCOR Aerospace Develops New Composite Material
Feb 21, 2006:
XCOR Teams with Silicon Graphics and Metacomp for Next Generation
Space Vehicle Design
January 18, 2006:

XCOR Completes Methane Engine Pulse Fire Tests:
Milestone for RCS Applications

October 3, 2005:
XCOR to build Rocket Racing Vehicles for Rocket Racing League
Aug 30, 2005:
XCOR Aerospace Completes Successful Development of Methane Rocket Engine
Aug 18, 2005:
XCOR To Fly EZ Rocket at X PRIZE CUP Countdown in Las Cruces, NM
May 18, 2005:
XCOR Granted HUBZone Certification by Small Business Administration
April 11, 2005:
XCOR Aerospace Wins $7mil NASA Contract to Develop Cryo LOX tank
April 11, 2005:
XCOR and Beyond Earth Enterprises Announce Agreement to Produce Space Vehicles
November 4, 2004:
XCOR announces $11,000 prize for steam/gas engine
October 21, 2004:
XCOR Completes DARPA Contract - Cryo Liquid Oxygen Pump a Success
April 23, 2004:
XCOR Aerospace receives launch license from FAA AST
March 23, 2004:
XCOR CEO to Testify Before Presidential Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond (Full testimony here)
February 06, 2004:
House Science Committee passes Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004


December 22, 2003
Text of Jeff Greason's speech at the AvWeek "Century of Flight" event
December 5, 2003:
XCOR logs 2,000th rocket engine firing
Nov 10, 2003:
XCOR First "Sufficiently Complete" RLV Launch License Application
Oct 17, 2003:
Space Coalition Urges Swift Passage of Commercial Space Act of 2003
Sept 26, 2003:
XCOR Passes Major Milestone on DARPA Piston Pump Contract
July 16th, 2003:
Rocket Industry Leaders look to Congress to solve FAA regulatory jam
May 22nd, 2003:
Former Astronaut Richard Searfoss Joins XCOR Board of Directors
April 16th, 2003:
XCOR Secures $187,500 Equity Investment from DoD Matching Program
March 31st, 2003:
XCOR Sucessfully Tests New 1800 lb-thrust LOX/Kerosene Engine


Nov 13th, 2002:
Scientific American, Popular Science and Esquire honor XCOR
October 29, 2002:
EZ-Rocket featured at Edwards AFB Open House and Air Show
August 7th, 2002:
AirVenture 2002 Trip Report
July 22nd, 2002:
XCOR and Space Adventures announce new sub-orbital spacecraft
July 11th, 2002:
Another XCOR milestone for EZ-Rocket - two flights in one day
June 27th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Flight Eleven - Safe Abort Demonstrated
June 25th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Performs Touch-and-go under rocket power
June 10, 2002:
EZ-Rocket to appear at Oshkosh, Sponsorship Available
April 27th, 2002:
XCOR Announces New Rocket Engine Piston Pump Design
April 23rd, 2002:
XCOR Aerospace Acquires Rotary Rocket Assets
Mar 26th, 2002:
XCOR to present at Space Access 2002
Feb 01, 2002:
EZ-Rocket Attempts Touch-and-Go Landing
Jan 23rd, 2002:
XCOR EZ-Rocket Tests In-Flight Engine Ignition
Jan 10th, 2002:
XCOR EZ-Rocket Begins 2002 Test Program
Jan 10th, 2002:
EZ-Rocket flies high on CNN -
Streaming Video, Text Story and Additional Transcript


Nov 12th, 2001:
EZ-Rocket Roll Out and Demonstration Flight a Big Success!
Nov 9th, 2001:
Successful Flight Test - EZ-Rocket Test Program Continues
October 3rd, 2001:
First phase of flight test program completed - XCOR ushers in the dawn of civilian rocket-powered aviation
July 24th, 2001:
XCOR Aerospace begins manned flight testing of EZ-Rocket

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