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Press Release
AirVenture 2002 trip report

The EZ-Rocket received non-stop attention at our booth in Aeroshell Square.
                                                                                                                                     - Photos by Mike Massee

AirVenture 2002 trip report

The EZ Rocket performed two "zero defect" flights during Airventure 2002.

Greetings fans and friends!  XCOR has returned from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with some terrific news: The EZ-Rocket wowed airshow crowds with two perfect flights! Dick Rutan, despite having a broken foot, flew the EZ-Rocket on Thursday the 25th and 27th of July, 2002. The EZ-Rocket became the first rocket powered airplane to perform at an airshow. Both flights ended with a loud round of applause from the audience.  In the spirit of the Bell X-1, Dick was presented with a sawed off broom handle by Joe Pistritto, one of our investors. To cap off the festivities, XCOR was presented with a "Contribution to Aviation" award by Aero News Network.

We'd like to thank everyone who pitched in and helped us get to AirVenture 2002. We couldn't have done it without the support of our friends and investors, one of whom (Bruce Hoult) showed up all the way from New Zealand to help us out.

We've brought back an enormous photo gallery of our presence at the airshow. Please see our photo gallery section for images.

The EAA video crew at AirVenture put together a nice piece about us, which includes video of the flight. You can catch the video on-line here.

The Speed Channel did a wonderful video about us as a part of their two hour special on AirVenture 2002, there is a clip located in the gallery.

Liz Swaine from avweb.com was present and did a blurb on us, and Popular Mechanics mentioned the EZ-Rocket as part of it's Airventure coverage.

---The XCOR crew



Some very happy engineers!

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