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Mojave Spaceport Expansion Plans

Mojave Air & Space Port is situated near Edwards Air Force Base which is known as the nation’s premiere government and military flight test center. Mojave Air & Spaceport is the civilian equivalent to Edwards with its nine rocket companies, the nation’s only civilian test pilot school and a long history of ground- and record-breaking first flights.

Founded in 1950 on the site of an old Marine Air Corps base established during WWII, Mojave Airport is one of the few examples of successful conversion of a military base to productive civilian life.

In June 2004 the FAA granted Mojave Airport spaceport status. That designation helps to ensure that the airport remains on the leading edge of aerospace research and development. Although only a few acres smaller than Los Angeles International Airport, the Space Port is surrounded by sparsely populated desert. Combined with ideal flying weather on more than 300 days a year, Mojave Air & Spaceport is the ideal location for the emerging commercial space transportation industry. The East Kern Airport District (EKAD), which oversees the Space Port and the municipal airport in nearby California City, works diligently with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that encroachment does not threaten this unique and valuable airspace.

As part of its Five Year Vision Plan, the district has completed a new 1.5 mile taxiway on the southeast side of the airport allowing for continued growth and the addition of larger hangars and manufacturing facilities. The extension of runway 12/30 to 12,500 feet makes it one of the longest runways in the region. The airport also has rail access for airfreight commerce with the Pacific Rim.
For more information, please visit the Mojave Air & Space Port website at www.mojaveairport.com.


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