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Why Space Tourism Matters (WSJ login required)
Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., Wall Street Journal, 04 November 2014

'Interstellar' Teams with XCOR Aerospace for Free Space Trip Contest
Mike Wall, Space.com, 02 November 2014

Fandango to send an 'Interstellar' ticket-buyer to edge of space
Ryan Faughnder, Los Angeles Times, 31 October 2014

Do You Have What It Takes to Go Into Space? (Probably)
Alexandra Wolfe, October 24 2014

XCOR Aerospace Reveals How Lynx Spaceship is Taking Shape
Alan Boyle, NBC News, 07 October 2014

America's Space Program - Part 4 - Newspace
Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle, 21 September 2014

FAA Issues Spaceport License to Midland Airport in Texas
NBC News, 19 September 2014

A 'Space Corvette' in Every Garage
P.J. O'Rourke, Newsweek / The Daily Beast, 06 September 2014

The Big Bang Theory - Send Mercedes to Space
Warner Brothers TV, 25 July 2014

MPR: Space for the Masses
Michael Belfiore, Minnesota Public radio, 18 July 2014

Dinner with Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Joe Torre Raises $1M for Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night
Jenny Peters, Variety, 13 April 2014


The Lynx's Leap: Can Suborbital Spaceship Help XCOR Reach Orbit?
Michael Belfiore, Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine, November 2013

Space in reach for Average Joes at Silicon Valley adult space camp
Mike Rosenberg, San Jose Mercury News 04 May 2013

Andrew Nelson discusses recent Lynx progress on SpaceVidCast
SpaceVidCast.com, 31 March 2013

New Research Platform to Fly on XCOR Lynx Space Plane
Citizens in Space, 27 March 2013

Silicon Valley Space Center to Develop Suborbital Payloads
Citizens in Space, 21 March 2013

Space Travel Start Ups Take Off
Peter Elkind, Fortune Magazine 16 January 2013

Marketers turn to the 'final frontier'
David Weinberg, Marketplace/NPR 11 January 2013

For Axe's Apollo line, a Campaign Found in Space
Andrew Adam newmann, New York Times 10 January 2013


Hypersonic Plane Could Revolutionize Commercial Flight
Ben Waldron, ABC News 25 October 2012

Commercial space race intensifies
Dave Klingler, Ars Technica 25 August 2012

NASA Welcomes XCOR Aerospace to Florida
Kennedy Space Center, 23 August 2012

Commercial space race intensifies
Dave Klingler, Ars Technica 25 August 2012

Spaceship builder setting up shop in Florida
Irene Klotz, Reuters, 23 August 2012

XCOR Aerospace plans to set up spaceship center in Florida
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 23 August 2012

A new space race: Companies vie to haul cargo, passengers
Nancy Trejos, USA Today, 13 August 2012

XCOR Lynx: Don't Sleep on the Space Corvette
Michael Belfiore, Popular Mechanics, 13 August 2012

Commercial Spaceflight Federation Highlights Some Recent Achievements in the Commercial Space Industry
Commercial Spaceflight Federation, 1 June 2012

Automotive Style Reliability for Rockets
Michael Belfiore, 24 May 2012

Commercial Space: Waiting for its Dot-Com Moment
Terrence Murray, 23 May 2012

XCOR Lynx Mark I Taking Shape in Mojave
Guy Norris, AvWeek, 14 may 2012

Private Sector Edges Deeper into Space
Kenneth Chang, New York Times, 14 May 2012

NU Student wins trip to space aboard XCOR Lynx
Travis Andersen, Boston Globe, 26 April 2012

Q&A with Space-Bound Tuskeegee Airman Le Roy Gillead
Mike Wall, Space.com, 05 April 2012

Space News Profile: Jeff Greason "The Rocket is Not the Point"
Space News, 19 March 2012

Space on Earth: A visit to a wooden hangar where the future is being born
Brian Doherty, Reason Magazine, February 2012 Issue


XCOR: Wanna take a ride into space?
DarkSyde, Daily KOS, 06 November 2011

Curacao takes another step toward space tourism
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 20 September 2011

Candid Interview with XCOR CEO Jeff Greason
Space Quarterly, September 2011

Visitors to "Star Trek: The Exibition" given chance to win a flight aboard XCOR's Lynx
UPI, 10 June 2011

Positive Attitudes: Business Outfitter customer XCOR Aerospace is optimistic about space travel 2.0
Land's End Blog, 03 June 2011

Victoria's Secret Model Doutzen Kroes to Fly into Space in 2014
Parabolic Arc, 16 April 2011

Giants hitting coach plans trip to outer space for 2014
Yahoo! Sports, 5 May 2011

NASA future 'in commercial space travel'
Julie Ball, BBC News, 5 May 2011

NASA future 'in commercial space travel'
Julie Ball, BBC News, 5 May 2011

ULA, XCOR to Develop Upper-Stage Engine
Frank Morring, Jr., Aviation Week, 22 March 2011

ULA and XCOR Join Forces on Upper Stage Engine Project
Amy Svitak, Space News, 22 March 2011

Boeing-Lockheed Rocket Venture Taps Start-Up XCOR
Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, 22 March 2011

Out-Of-This-World Deal: TripAlertz Offers Space Flight
Lizette Chapman, Wall Street Journal, 14 March 2011

Scientists buy suborbital space trips
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 28 February 2011


XCOR: Doing more with less
Michael Belfiore, 30 November 2010

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to sell rides on XCOR's rocket plane
Los Angeles Times, 17 November 2010

KLM to Offer a New Perk for Frequent Flyers: Outer Space
Nicola Clark, 17 November 2010

Free Space with KLM - KLM to offer Lynx flights for airline miles
De Telegraaf, 17 November 2010 (Click here for Dutch)

XCOR Aerospace Seeks Curacao Spaceport
Andy Pasztor, Wall Street Journal, 05 Octorber 2010

XCOR to launch private rocket plane from Curacao
W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times, 05 October 2010

XCOR Ready for Liftoff
Space entrepreneur Jeff Greason aims his rocket company toward the stars
Mark Madler, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, 13 September 2010

XCOR: Making Private Spaceflight Real
D-Minus Zero, 16 August 2010

Space Companies Get NASA's Attention
Jeff Foust, Technology Review 02 June 2010

Space tourism entrepreneurs want to bring you to the stars
Paul Baldwin, Metro World News, 17 March 2010

Final Frontier Beckons for Researchers
Amanda Mscarelli, Nature, 19 February 2010

Suborbital Science Gets Boost
Alan Boyle, MSNBC 18 February 2010

NASA to Invest $75 Million for Suborbital Science Flights
Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today, 18 February 2010

NASA budget interview including Jeff Greason
Kai Ryssdal, NPR Marketplace, 29 January 2010

XCOR Named as "Winner" in New NASA Future
Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider 29 January 2010

AvWeek Person of the Year: The Space Entrepreneur
Frank Morring, Jr. and Guy Norris , Aviation Week, 04 January 2010


Koreans plan Space Tours
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 17 December 2009

XCOR Aerospace Gets First Lease Customer for Its Space Plane
Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, 17 December 2009

From the Desert to Space
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 08 December 2009

A committee member speaks
Jeff Foust, The Space Review, 05 October 2009

Are Venture Investors Ready for the Final Frontier?
Russell Garland, The Wall Street Journal, 01 October 2009

Scientists go Suborbital
Alan Boyle, MSNBC 21 August 2009

2010: A New Space Odyssey Beckons
UK Independent, 19 July 2009

Time to boldly go once more (XCOR photo)
Anderson Cooper 360 / CNN

Private Space Pioneers: We're inheritors of the Apollo legacy
Jason Hanna, CNN.com, 16 July 2009

How to build an Affordable Space Plane: Design, Test, Repeat
Time Compression, 05 May 2009

Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms
The Register, 24 Feb 2009

Fame's Final Frontier
Alan Boyle, MSBNC, 21 Feb 2009

Tuskekee Airman Breaks New Barriers - In Space
Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, 21 Feb 2009

Virgin, Rocketship in Space Price War
The Boston Globe, 20 Feb 2009


Rocket rides for $95,000
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 02 Dec 2008

Company unvels new vehicle for space tourism (VIDEO)
Jane Wells, CNBC/MSNBC live, 02 Dec 2008

Save Money on a flight to space? (VIDEO)
ABC Channel 7 news, Los Ageles, 02 Dec 2008

Rocket company sells discount rides to space
Irene Klotz, Reuters, 02 Dec 2008

RocketShip Tours to sell rides aboard XCOR's Lynx
Aero News Network, 02 Dec 2008

XCOR Announces Space Tourism Venture
Guy Norris, Aviation Week, 02 Dec 2008

NASA Turns to the Private Sector
William Pomerantz, VentureBeat, 21 Oct 2008

Space Tourism to Soar, Official Says
Frank Morring Jr., AVWeek, 16 Aug 2008

The Stealth Rocketeers
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 08 Aug 2008

Economy Fare ($100,000) Lifts Space Tourism Race
Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, 26 Mar 2008

One Size May Not Fit All
Jeff Foust, The Space Review, 31 Mar 2008

Local Company Racing to Get Into Space Tourism (video)
CBS Channel 2, Los Angeles, 26 Mar 2008

Space Tourism Race (Windows Media Video)
Jane Wells, CNBC, 26 Mar 2008

XCOR Unveils Suborbital Space Vehicle
Michael Belfiore, Popular Science, 26 Mar 2008

Bringing Humans One Step Closer to Space -
XCOR airms for space tourism with new craft

Allison Gatlin, Valley Press, 27 Mar 2008

XCOR Challenges Virgin with the Lynx Effect
Lester Haines, The Register, 27 Mar 2008

You'd Look Sweet Upon the Seat of a Spaceship Built for Two
Eliza Strickland, Wired Magazine, 26 Mar 2008

Rocket Planes Seek Market Share
The BBC, 26 Mar 2008


Space Entrepreneurs Wait for that 'Netscape Moment'
Leonard David, 26 Nov 2007

TIME INVENTION OF THE YEAR - 5M15 Methane Rocket Engine
Lev Grossman, Time Magazine, 12 Nov 2007

Mojave: Edge of the Final Frontier
John Johnson Jr, Los Angeles Times, 02 Oct 2007

Angels Flock to SpaceFlight
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 07 June 2007

Methane to Power Rockets of the Future?
Larry O'Hanion, Discovery News, 08 May 2007

Methane Blast - XCOR/ATK Tests Methane Engine Technology for NASA (new video included)
NASA Headline News, 04 May 2007

Natural Gas Rockets - Methane Fueled Engines go on the Ascent
Scientific American, April 2007 (PDF)

New Horizons for the Intrepid VC (PDF)
Esther Dyson, March 2007

Flying - It's Not About A to B Anymore
Esther Dyson 17 February 2007

Green Engine - Short-duration methane-rocket tests may show potential for lunar lander (subscription required)
Frank Morring, Jr., Aviation Week & Space Technology 15 Jan 2007


LA-Based Company To Design Spacesuits For Space Tourists
Nidhi Sharma, All Headline News, 08 December 2006

Rocket Racer Revealed
Next year’s Rocket Racing League aircraft takes first public bow
Pete Lyons, AutoWeek, 11 November 2006

Rocket Racing: Next Sports League?
Michael Belfiore, CNN, 25 October 2006

X-Prize Cup Founders and America's Spaceport Look to the Future
Leonard David, Space.com, 21 October 2006

Rocket Renaissance (subscription required)
The era of private spaceflight is about to dawn
The Economist, 03 May 2006

NASCAR With Rockets! (cover story)
Introducing the Next High-Thrills Spectator Sport
Michael Belfiore, Popular Science, Feb 2006


Rocket Racing
New League Promotes High Flying Contest
Tariq Malik, space.com 03 Oct 2005

Rocket Racing League gets its start
X-Prize founder, Indy car backer unveil new venture
Alan Boyle, MSNBC.com 03 Oct 2005

Space Race 2: A little help from Uncle Sam (currently unavailable)
Irene Mona Klotz, Science Daily, 03 May 2005

Spaceflight Industry Ready for Takeoff
Startups reach out to investors interested in money, not just glory
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 22 march 2005

The Safety Dance
Jeff Foust, The Space Review, 21 February 2005

Space Racers Unite in Federation - Industry group will follow up on new law
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 08 February 2005

Statement of Michael Kelly, Before the House Transportation Committee Hearing on Commercial Space Transportation
House of Transportation Committee, 10 February 2005

Space Entrepreneurs Resolve To Create Industry Group to Promote Safety Standards and Growth of the Personal Spaceflight Industry
Press Release, X-Prize Foundation, 08 February 2005

A Tale of Two Victories- two major space policy victories in Congress
James Muncy, The Space Review, 03 January 2005


Private Spaceflight Bill Signed into Law - After long struggle, law opens way for tourism
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 23 December 2004

Budding Space Tourism Industry Faces Safety Regulations Hurdle; Rules Still Under Discussion
Associated Press, 08 Oct 2004

Space Tourism Seeking Public Investors
JOHN ANTCZAK, Associated Press Writer 12 Oct 2004

Space Cowboys
Richard Foss, LA CityBeat

Spaceport to Rise in California's Mojave Desert
Leonard David, Space.com, 24 May 2004

My rocket is going to get you to LEO!
Bruce Grierson, Popular Science, May 2004

XCOR receives the second FAA space flight permit
Experimental Aircraft Association (eaa.org), 26 April 2004

California Company gets 2nd rocket license
USA Today (and many others) via AP Newswire, 26 April 2004

XCOR Wins Suborbital Launch License
FAA gives its second go-ahead for spaceship testing
Alan Boyle, Science Editor, MSNBC, 24 April 2004
note / correction: The Sphinx is not designed to leave the atmosphere.

XCOR Aerospace Receives Launch License
Investors Business Daily, 23 April 2004 (PR Newswire)

Blastoffs on a Budget (purchase required)
Joan C. Horvath, Scientific American, April 2004

Entrepreneurs say NASA needs private-sector aid
Todd Halvorson, Florida Today, 25 March 2004

Space Should be in Reach of Everyday People
Associated Press via AccessNorthGA, 24 March 2004

Analysis: Bill clears sky for space rides
Irene Mona Klotz, United Press International, 12 Mar 2004

House passes Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004
House.gov website, 4 March 2004

US on Verge of Private Space Travel
Traci Watson, USA Today, 10 February 2004
note / correction - Incorrect caption: The Xerus is a suborbital launch vehicle, not a lunar launch vehicle

Decision Near for Licensing on Private Space Flights
Matthew L. Wald, New York Times, 9 February 2004 (NYTimes link requires free registration)

Space Travel: Bringing the Costs Down to Earth
Otis Port, Business Week, 2 February 2004

Government begins to outline rules on space tourism
Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, 29 January 2004 (WSJ link requires free registration)


Wright Brothers for the 21st Century
Alan Boyle, MSNBC, 16 December 2003

Competition Fierce in New Space Race (article no longer available online)
Earl lane, Newsday.com, 13 December 2003

Mojave Moves Towards Being Space Center
Allison Gatlin, Antelope Valley Press, 22 November 2003

Senate Roundtable on Suborbital Space Flight
"Suborbital Space Flight: The Premise and The Promise"
John Lewis, ProSpace, 11 September 2003

Star Gazing Tech Titans Put Money Where Dreams Are
Tech Execs Blast Off - company profiles
Michelle Kessler, USA TODAY, 04 September 2003
note / correction: The article states that XCOR is an X-Prize entrant. This is incorrect. - webmaster

Lost in Space: Columbia report and the future of space access (Subscribers Only)
The Economist, 27 August 2003

Eyes on a Prize, Entrepreneurs Seek to Launch a New Industry
John Schwartz, New York Times, 26 August 2003 (NYTimes link requires free registration)

XCOR chief slams FAA jurisdictional fight
Allison Gatlin, Antelope Valley Press, 21 August 2003

Congressional Hearing Charter: "Commercial Human Spaceflight"
U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee, 24 July 2003

  • includes prepared testimony from each witness, including testimony from XCOR CEO Jeff Greason.

Edge-of-Space Ship Designers Vie for Sky-High Prize
Sam Burbank, The National Geographic Channel, 07 July 2003

The New Cutting Edge: Homebuilts in Space
Budd Davisson, Sport Aviation Magazine, June 2003

XCOR Zeroes in on Xerus
Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, Space.com, 19 May 2003

Space Tourists: XCOR's suborbital rocket could be the ultimate thrill in adventure travel
Kenneth Aaron, Cornell Engineering Magazine, May 2003

Rocketeers: Setting Their Sights on Suborbital Flights
Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, Space.com, 07 May 2003

Countdown for Rocketplanes
David Chandler, Technology Review, April 2003

After Columbia - Space Tourism Supporters Vow to Carry On
Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, Space.com, 21 February 2003

Start-ups vie for clear skies - Push is on to offer space flight
Chris Dovi, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 06 February 2003

Space Journey Will Go On - People Play Vital Role in This Venture
Rick Weiss, Washington Post, 02 February 2003


Scientific American "Top 50 in 2002"
Scientific American, Monday, 11 November 2002 (Dec. issue)

Esquire Best and Brightest of 2002 - Dan DeLong
Esquire Magazine, Monday, 11 November 2002 (Dec. issue)

Popular Science 15th annual best of what's new - best of Aviation and Space
Popular Science Magazine, Monday, 11 November 2002 (Dec. issue)

Public Space Travel: Playground for the Rich?
Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, space.com, 01 November 2002

Move over Lance Bass: Space travel could meet the masses in a decade
Stephen Trimble, USA Today, 09 September 2002

XCOR Aerospace targets space tourism
Spacefuture.com, 07 August 2002

Space Tours (radio interview) (no longer available online)
Here & Now, 30 July 2002

XCOR EZ: To Infinity and Beyond!  (no longer available online)
Liz Swaine, AVweb.com 29 July 2002

'Cheap' space trips offered for the rest of us
Richard Stenger, CNN.com 24 July 2002

Plane designed for space tourists: Xerus would give passengers a suborbital taste of zero-G
Tariq Malik, space.com 22 July 2002

The Next Big Thing (AirVenture 2002 appearance coverage)
Popular Mechanics Science/Aviation, July 2002

XCOR: Two Flights in One Day - Amazing Rocket-Powered Demonstrates Restarts, too
Aero-news.net, 17 July 2002

Free Enterprise Rockets to Space:
$10 Million awaits the next "Lindbergh" (cover story)

Pete Manley, America's Flyways July, 2002

EZ-Rocket Schedules Two Flights at AirVenture
Airventure Oshkosh 2002 16 July 2002

Money Men See Space for Profit (photograph)
Maggie Shiels, BBC News 12 June 2002

Maverick Rocketeers Pursue Cheap Space Access
Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, space.com 10 May 2002

All Things Considered - Space Tourism    (RealAudio)
All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 30 April 2002

ROCKET MAN - Dick Rutan: Long EZ to Outer Space?
Joe Shelton, Pilot Journal, Spring 2002

Space Access 2002 Review
Clark Lindsey, Hobbyspace.com, 29 April 2002

A.V. firms on space teams
Jim Skeen, L.A. Daily News, 29 April 2002

XCOR Tests Reciprocating Piston Pump
Leona Bull, Aerotech News, 26 April 2002

XCOR Aquires Rotary Rocket Assets
SpaceDaily, 23 April 2002

Coach Class Ticket to Space
Popular Mechanics, May 2002

"Is easy access to space an idea whose time is coming?"
Windows Media  (broadband streaming) MPEG (broadband streaming) (currently unavailable)
NEXT@CNN Space/Tech news show, 26 January 2001

XCOR EZ-Rocket tests in-flight engine ignition
Space Daily, 25 January 2002

Space Travel For The Masses (scroll down to read story)
AVweb NewsWire, 17 January 2002

California Company Shoots for Cheap Ride to Space
CNN.com, 10 January 2002


Company's dreams skyrocket
Allison Gatlin, Antelope Valley Press, 13 November 2001

TIME MAGAZINE Inventions of the Year: EZ-Rocket
Time Magazine, 19 November 2001

Prototype of private rocket plane soars in flight
CNN.com, 14 November 2001

"EZ-Rocket" Debuts
Bijal P. Trivedi, National Geographic, 13 November 2001

Rocket plane flight 'Perfect'
Allison Gatlin, Antelope Valley Press, 13 November 2001

Rocket Men
Glenn Gaslin, Los Angeles Times, 12 November 2001

Rocket Plane Soars Over Mojave
Andrew Bridges, Associated Press, 12 November 2001

Channel 7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles (ABC) news clip
Windows Media- 6mb           MPEG - 6mb
12 November 2001

Reusable rocket-engine technology passes major test, soars 9,000 feet (no longer available online)
Debby Badillo, Bakersfield Californian, 12 November 2001

Rutan plane gets booster shot - Long-EZ morphed by rocket
Allison Gatlin, Antelope Valley Press, 4 October 2001

'Baby Step' toward civilians in space - Private Rocket Tested
Debby Badillo, Bakersfield Californian, 11 Stepember 2001

Rocketship Will Tour Airshow Circuit in 2002
(press release, X-Rocket LLC) 28 July 2001

Rocketing into History
Barbara A. Schmitz, AirVenture Today, 25 July 2001

From the Editor (In praise of Dennis Tito)
Jason Pontin, Red Herring Magazine, 14 August 2001


"Larry Niven: Rocket Men"
Larry Niven special to space.com, 16 June 2000

"Rocket Men: The Wilde Blue Yonder is Wilder Than Ever"
Michael's Flying Adventures, January 2000


"Mojave firm developing rocket engine for X-1 replica"
Mojave Desert News, 30 December 1999

"X-1 anyone? Company will build replicas"
space.com, 5 November 1999

"Take My Rocket, Please"
Space Daily, 5 November 1999

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