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Payload Mission Capabilities

The Lynx will offer several multi-mission primary and secondary payload capabilities including: in-cockpit experiments, externally mounted experiments, test pilot/astronaut training, upper atmospheric sampling, microsatellite launch / ballistic trajectory research (Mk. III / US capability only), and personal spaceflight (space tourism). “Primary” payloads pay for the flight, while “secondary” payloads are on a ride-share basis with a primary payload, typically for a nominal ride-share fee.

Lynx vehicles will carry primary payloads located in the area to the right of the pilot or in the case of the Mk. III (US only) on the top of the vehicle in an experiment pod. Secondary payloads will be carried in a variety of locations. For the "Mk II" version of the Lynx, the primary internal payload will accommodate a maximum mass of 120 kg (265 lbs) to 100 km (330,000 ft). This “right seat” can be a human in a pressure suit, two stacked Space Shuttle middeck lockers (MDLs), or a standard 19 inch electronic equipment rack. For the US based Mk. III vehicle only, the primary payload location is an external dorsal mounted pod, which holds up to 650 kg (1433 lbs)and is large enough to hold a space telescope or a two stage carrier to launch multiple nanosatellites into low Earth orbit.  This pod can also carry experiments that return with the vehicle. Secondary payload spaces in all versions include a small area inside the cockpit behind the pilot or outside the vehicle in two areas in the aft fuselage fairing (see image below).  Detailed specifications of the payload spaces as well as information about engineering services and payload integration can be found in the Lynx Payload Users Guide.  Click here to apply for a copy, orsend us an email at payloads@xcor.com.  See below for a price list for payload flights.

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Lynx Mk. III (US Only)

  Lynx Cabin Payloads  
Lynx Cabin Payload Locations - Click to Enlarge
    Lynx External Payloads    
Lynx External Payload Locations - Click to Enlarge


The XCOR pricing matrix below is standard retail pricing list for a payload flight on Lynx Mark I, without any payload integration services provided. XCOR typically does not sell direct to a commercial payload customer, rather it sells wholesale flights through pre-approved payload integration channel partners.

For special payloads requiring unique integration needs or trajectories, or customers with other special considerations, this flight-only pricing matrix may serve as a guideline for initial pricing without payload integration services. Pricing from XCOR Payload Integration Channel Partners may be less than those shown below.

XCOR Aerospace – Lynx Mark I Retail List Pricing Matrix – Flights Only
(Only Applicable to XCOR Aerospace / No Payload Integration Services Included)

Payload Type

Lynx Designation

Payload Location / Description

Price Per Flight *


Payload B

Cockpit – Participant Location / Seat Racks


Payload B

Cockpit – Engineer **

$115,000 / $105,000


Payload A

Cockpit – Behind Pilot


Payload B

Cockpit –InSeat Racks†


Payload C

Canisters (each)


*  Assumes identical or largely identical payload on each flight in the series and a “standard” parabolic flight trajectory as defined in the XCOR Payload User’s Guide. Special trajectories will be subject to a case-by-case pricing analysis. All flights assumed to be flown at the locations where the Lynx Mark I is based. All other conditions of flight must be met by Customer, including XCOR safety, medical, training or screening requirements, and executing all contracts, waivers, releases, indemnifications, agreements, and informed consent form(s) required by XCOR and government regulations. Prices shown include XCOR’s required safety review process, placement of payload into the Lynx, and return of payload to Customer. It is assumed the Customer will build their own payloads to XCOR Payload User Guide and Interface Control Document requirements and deliver such payload(s) to XCOR in time prior to the planned flight. Should the Customer desire or require assistance to build or ensure their payloads meet all the requirements to fly on Lynx, these services may be contracted through an approved XCOR Payload Integration Channel Partner. .
**  Pricing is $115,000 for the  first flight of a specific test engineer, then $105,000 for each subsequent flight of the same person, assuming a similar or identical payload. Multiple test engineers’ first flights are $115,000 with subsequent flights $105,000. Pricing includes an expected level of unique training with XCOR pilot/astronaut, and other XCOR team members and the customer’s flight test engineer.  Should a Customer wish to purchase multiple flights with the same test engineer with different payloads, or multiple test engineers, please request a case-by-case pricing analysis.
If a customer’s primary payload uses only one Shuttle mid-deck locker or less than half the 19 inch rack space, there will be open space in what is normally the primary flight slot, which can be sold separately to Customers on a Secondary (non-interference) basis.


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