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Rocket Engines Overview  

XCOR develops rocket-propelled vehicles, rocket propulsion systems, and propulsion components to customer order.  We have developed technologies in a number of subsystems that further the goal of operationally effective, reliable, low maintenance rocket propulsion systems. These systems are designed to maximize safety and minimize cost.  Since our rocket vehicles use our own rocket engines and systems, we have unique insight into the system-level tradeoffs needed for operationally responsive rocket propulsion.  We have developed the kind of rocket propulsion that real systems can use.  

Our team’s experience is current, and since inception we have become a leader in the development of dependable, low-cost rocket engines. We have developed a series of proprietary engines and igniters, and have built, tested, and flown the EZ-Rocket twenty-six times and the X-Racer 40 times. To date, we have continued the technological development of rocket engines, building and enhancing many designs from 15 lb thrust up to 7,500 lbf.  XCOR’s engines burn a variety of non-toxic fuels, including kerosene, hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, alcohol and kerosene using oxidizers such as liquid oxygen and nitrous oxide.

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